This beautiful sound meditation with The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls will assist you in surrendering and trusting the universe to release and let go of what is no longer needed.

During our lives, certain experiences, planetary events, situations and people can trigger within us memories/emotions that are either new to us and/or we recognise, but have chosen to place this within our subconscious, as in that moment we didn’t fully understand, or it was too painful for us to work with at that time.

These pure crystalline tones will be working within and through you on a deep cellular level. As these frequencies of light fill your entire being they will help bring into your consciousness an understanding of why this memory/emotion has been brought into your awareness. These healing sounds will assist you in becoming more open within, as you do, this will help you in surrendering and trusting the natural process of the universe.

As you co-create with the universe you will notice and recognise what is no longer serving you, enabling you to release and let go of that which is holding you back, so that you are able to move forward onto the next stage of your journey.


Set aside 1 hour at home or outdoors in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Make yourself comfortable by lying or sitting down. Download the file on an electronic device of your choice. If listening on a mobile phone, please put on silent for any possible incoming calls.

Listen through good speakers or put some headphones on adjusting the volume that is comfortable for you.

Afterwards, please drink plenty of water and if possible try not to do anything too strenuous for at least 24 hours after listening to the audio sound meditation. This will help in allowing your body to fully integrate these beautiful frequencies.


*Please seek advice from a medical practitioner before listening to the audio sound meditation, if you are pregnant, wear a pacemaker, are suffering from a serious heart condition, have metal implants, are under the influence of medication, have an acute or serious mental health disorder, are prone to seizures or those who may suffer from sound induced epilepsy.

* During and after listening to this audio sound meditation please do not drive a car or operate machinery until you are grounded or feel safe to do so.

* Please only listen to the audio sound meditation 1-2 times a week maximum.

* The audio sound meditation is not a substitute for seeking professional advice for any clinical condition.

* Please do not use any of the information for this audio sound meditation to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem or disease.

* This audio sound meditation is for sole use only and is not to be shared with any other person without asking prior permission first.

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