“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Since 2015 I have been working in unison with the ancient Solfeggio frequencies, various crystals, sound tools and Source. Through working with these beautiful sound frequencies the Chakra Sound Harmonization naturally came into being. My intention through working with sacred sound is to bring forth the ancient healing back into the present.

Chakras are sacred vortex energy centres that are located in specific areas within our body, the main chakras are connected to major organs and glands that govern other body parts. These are aligned along the spinal column working together as a whole and affecting everything in our life. Our physical self ascends from the Earth Star through to the Solar Plexus. The Heart is our centre and balance. Our spiritual self ascends from the Throat chakra through to the Stellar Gateway and beyond. When one or more of these chakras are out of alignment, disease can appear in many different forms that in turn will affect our daily lives, creating an imbalance and disconnection within ourselves, others and the Universe.

Chakra Sound Harmonization is a deep and powerful experience which vibrationally resonates within ourselves affecting all of the chakras. The main chakras I will be working with will be the Earth Star, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Thymus (Higher Heart), Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway and beyond. Through working with various sacred sound frequencies I will be helping to bring you back to your natural equilibrium. These ancient tones will also be working on your physical, mental/emotional, the etheric and the astral planes as well as on a cellular level to help release, recognise, accept and cleanse any of life’s limiting beliefs and patterns, Past Lives and Loves, Karmic blocks and Ancestral Patterns.

Kind Exchange £75pp

for 60 minutes. Bookings to be paid please in advance.

*Please give 48 hours notice if for any reason you need to cancel your appointment.

*Please do not consume drugs or alcohol 24 hours before treatment.

*This is unsuitable for pregnant women in their first trimester and third trimester, if you have a pacemaker or are suffering from a serious heart condition, metal implants, acute or serious mental health problems or those who may suffer from sound induced epilepsy.


As a healer, medium and paranormal investigator I need my senses to be fully aware at all times. Heavy energies from my day to day work in London ‘clogs the arteries’ easily, therefore I asked Susan to use Chakra Sound Harmonization to bring me back into balance and to remove the weighty effects of London. This was my first experience therefore I was cautious with my expectations although I trusted Susan implicitly.

Can I explain my experiences, not fully, as the sounds and notes were at such a high vibrational level and frequency, all of my energy fields had risen as one to my Higher Self as I felt every note breaking through the dense matter that shrouded my human form. I have no idea how long I was in this blissful state as I was so enraptured with the sounds and totally oblivious of anything else.

This is a most beautiful way of re-energising and revitalising your whole body and Soul at a Cosmic level and whilst preparing you fully for the human world leaves you with such melody in your deepest self you will never be alone again!

Liz Taylor Spiritus Exit

Susan is an intuitive and skilled practitioner who has an incredible depth of knowledge in the art of sacred sound. I found the Chakra Sound Harmonization deeply restful and rejuvenating on both a physical and emotional level. I highly recommend Susan and the subtle yet powerful practices she offers.

Ruth McNeil Yoga Teacher
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