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Sacred Sound 777

Sound is one of the powerful elements which naturally vibrates to the microcosm within us and the macrocosm within the universe connecting us to all that is.

Sound affects us in many different ways. By listening to soothing music, walking by the sea or amongst trees and other natural surroundings our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies will instantly respond by us experiencing deep relaxation and peacefulness within. On a cellular level extending outwards our bodies will be vibrating harmoniously within, connecting and helping us to feel whole and at one with ourselves, others and the universe.

Sounds that resonate with us will uplift and make us happy. Dissonant sounds can affect us emotionally in a variety of ways such as feeling irritable, sad, angry, which can then lead to various symptoms of dis-ease creating an imbalance and disconnection within ourselves, others and the universal cosmos.

We have entered a new and exciting cycle in The Age of Aquarius which is once more bringing back to us the ancient knowledge of Sacred Sound.

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