“Let the Universal flow of love gently open your heart for healing to begin.”

The Crystalline Heart Harmonization came into being during 2016 when I acquired a beautiful Alchemy Ruby crystal singing bowl whose chakra note works harmoniously with the Heart and with the Root chakra for grounding. I had previously connected with this crystal singing bowl during a sound workshop when I had an insight of the work we were going to be doing together.

Our heart is our centre and balance between our physical self (lower chakras) and our spiritual self (higher chakras). Emotional imbalances will appear through certain experiences such as loss of a loved one, going through a divorce/relationship break up, childhood trauma, when our heart and higher heart (thymus) becomes wounded. Energetically, consciously or subconsciously we create shields over our heart to protect ourselves.

During the Crystalline Heart Harmonization you will be bathed in the gentle healing sounds of the Alchemy Ruby crystal singing bowl, as well as other various sacred sound tools and crystals to start healing from within, whilst being held within a safe and loving space. As you heal you will be more able to understand that as we move through the pain this can be a catalyst for our transformation. Our energetic shields will dissipate for the rose petals of our heart to open, allowing love and light to enter so that we are able to love ourselves and others, bringing us back to our natural harmonious self.


£55 for 50 minutes

*Please give 48 hours notice if for any reason you need to cancel your appointment.
*Please do not consume drugs or alcohol 24 hours before treatment.

*This is unsuitable for pregnant women in their first trimester, if you have a pacemaker or are suffering from a serious heart condition, metal implants, acute or serious mental health problems or those who may suffer from sound induced epilepsy.

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