My Journey

My journey so far…

Around 12 years of age music touched me when I joined a local gospel for a short while which involved us travelling around England singing in various churches. Then at the age of 14, I began learning the clarinet when due to an accident I was then unfortunately unable to continue.

Life continued with me doing the same daily routines with no particular goals in mind. Leading up to the age of 30 I had been allowing experiences from my childhood to gradually come into my consciousness which resulted in myself having severe depression and attempting suicide. This same night I experienced a transformation of consciousness, whereby I knew instinctively that something higher than myself was watching over me, simultaneously knowing my old self no longer existed and that my true self had been awakened.

Leading up to this moment I had been reading and visiting the American Southwest for a number of years as I was very much drawn to the indigenous cultures and their way of life. I resonated with how they work in harmony with nature and their connection with Mother Earth and all her relations. Many have never lost this connection and I aspire to work and live in the same sacred way connecting and learning the ancient teachings bringing this forth into our modern daily lives.

Through the years leading up to 2007, I had faced and overcome many challenges which had been helping me to release, clear, accept, grow and be strong within, as I knew that my path would be helping others in some form of healing. In July 2007 I learnt Reiki Levels 1 and 2 with a beautiful Earth Angel called Daisy, whereby afterward I concentrated working on myself with this loving, healing energy.

My calling came in the form of sound during the Christmas period of 2007.

The week before Christmas Day 2007 my lower back had started causing me much pain and discomfort, everytime I sat down the pain felt like a belt was tightening around my lower back. I visited a lovely Osteopath who kindly helped alleviate the pain but the problem was still underlying.

On Christmas Day I travelled to Sedona which is my spiritual home. Around 2-3 days after arriving my lower back went on me completely, this time the pain was excruciating. Whilst in Sedona I was going to meet Rahelio a Toltec to attend a Sweat Lodge Ceremony on New Year’s Eve. After the ceremony, Rahelio could see the pain I was in and kindly offered to help heal my back. On 2nd Jan 2008, Rahelio visited me at the cabin where I was staying and started working with me using various sound tools, his voice, energy and the sacred tobacco. During the healing, I totally surrendered myself to Rahelio, the ancient ones and the universe to work on me.

Leading up to the third day after the healing the pain was still there but was slowly dissipating. I awoke on the third day and was pleasantly surprised in feeling no pain at all, I felt alive and whole again. I was so elated from this experience and knew without any doubt this was due to the sacred sounds, Rahelio and the Universe. Thank You.

For me, this was very timely because I now knew working with sound was my vocation. This had resonated with me in such a powerful way that I knew through sound I could also help others in such a profound way. Directly after this whilst in Sedona the first sacred sound tools I brought was a Crystal Singing Bowl that works on the Third Eye and a natural rawhide Elk drum.

Up to 2015, I had been working mainly with these sacred sound tools on myself and occasionally with friends whilst I was waiting for the right course that would appeal to me for learning more about sound on a professional level. It was then in the Summer of 2015 I received an email about a Sound Consciousness Course being taught with Tim Wheater and Cherub Sanson. Divine Timing!

During the course, we worked with our voices, energy and many different sound tools. Whilst working on these various sound tools I connected with the tuning forks, in particular with the ancient Solfeggio frequencies and the Om.

Since this, I have worked and created a treatment called Chakra Sound Harmonization, working with the ancient Solfeggio frequencies alongside various sacred sound tools on helping to realign, balance and harmonize the chakras to their natural vibrational frequency. Many of us have these imbalances/dis-ease due to our workload, technology, excessive noise, the fast pace of life and our surroundings. My intention is to bring back into our present the ancient frequencies so that we are able to come back to our true selves and to become more harmonized and balanced within ourselves, others and our surroundings.

To be continued…