“Sound Journey for your Soul.”

Group sound baths are wonderful for like-minded people to come together to experience the beautiful sound frequencies emanating from the alchemy crystal singing bowls and various other sound tools. They will be working on your physical, etheric and astral planes as well as on a cellular level.

As you become immersed with these crystalline tones you will enter a deep state of relaxation that will help to clear any imbalances/distortions emotionally and within the mind to bring you back to your natural equilibrium.


£20pp for 60 minutes, payable in advance
(please see events page for dates)

*Group Sound Bath is unsuitable for pregnant women in their first trimester, if you have a pacemaker or are suffering from a serious heart condition, metal implants, acute or serious mental health problems or those who may suffer from sound induced epilepsy.

Special Introductory Offer

Price £15pp on your first sound bath experience (normal price £20pp)

Private Group Sound Bath

(minimum 6 people, price on request)


It was a wonderful experience and as you said there would be lovely subtle effects. The best so far for me is that a weight has been lifted. Despite my best efforts of self-care, I’ve not been able to shift a heaviness of mood and sense of loss this year. Now it’s literally been shaken out of me – cell by vibrating cell. Gorgeous!
Thank you.